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Boost your site's traffic and exposure - for just 10 US dollars!
Top Listed Sites : Priority Status

With Priority Status, your site will be listed above the regular listings with its own logo alongside (optional) and may appear in up to 3 categories instead of just 1.

How It Works: You purchase a fixed quantity of credits (in blocks of 1,000) for 10 US dollars a block. Your order is automatically processed by PayPal and, after successful completion, your site listing is instantly upgraded to Priority Status. You will receive a confirmation email from us and will be able to adjust the weight (default is 1) and logo size (default is 0) settings via the usual site modification page.

Display Order of sites is by Priority = (Weight + Logo Size/2) x Monthly Hits

Credits are deducted at the rate of (Weight + Logo Size) per clickthrough

How To Order: You need to login first, after which you will be able to buy credits via this page.

Q: Does it cost more per click if I choose to make my site's listing appear in 3 directories?
A: No. It simply makes your site more visible to our visitors - and it's free! So do it!

Bonus Credits: For customers with existing and remaining credits or for initial orders of 20 US dollars or more, we'll add 10% extra credits plus bulk order credits according to the following scale: -

10 dollars buys 1,000 credits + 100 extra credits = 1,100 credits (repeat order only)
20 dollars buys 2,000 credits + 200 extra credits = 2,200 credits
30 dollars buys 3,000 credits + 300 extra credits + 100 bulk order credits = 3,400 credits
40 dollars buys 4,000 credits + 400 extra credits + 200 bulk order credits = 4,600 credits
50 dollars buys 5,000 credits + 500 extra credits + 300 bulk order credits = 5,800 credits
60 dollars buys 6,000 credits + 600 extra credits + 400 bulk order credits = 7,000 credits
70 dollars buys 7,000 credits + 700 extra credits + 500 bulk order credits = 8,200 credits
and so on

Here's an example of what a Priority Status listing can look like: -

Your Logo
Goes Here

Your Site's Name Is Shown Here - Full Page - Co-branding - Alexa Info - Link Status: OK Report Broken
Your site's description goes here, and may be fairly lengthy. Be sure to include all your site's main features so that people searching the database will easily be able to identify your site as the one which contains what they're looking for. Feel free to add as much information as necessary to ensure that your site's listing will be picked up by the search results. Be careful not to make it too wordy, though, as some people regard this as a turnoff and they may not wish to visit your site at all. Updated Top Listed Sites Overall Review Rating: 3.37 Read (5) Write or Edit Review  (Priority: 2178 ((Weight (4) + Logo Size (3)/2) x Monthly Hits (396)) Credits: 3337)  (Listed on Top Listed Sites: Fri 02 May 2003. Total traffic from Top Listed Sites: 3625 hits. Total inward traffic: 467 hits (current flow: 29 per month) Overall Score: 7426)  Recommend It  (Rating: 8.7542 Votes: 156) Rate It Rate It!  
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Priority Status applies in both the directory categories and search results. (Note: Adult and X-Rated sites are filtered out by default until a user opts to make them visible).

Priority Status also applies in our special remote search feeds used by other websites worldwide, but these listings appear without labels, logos or statistics of any kind.

The top 10 priority sites also get listed on the main Top Listed Sites Directory page, both in the listings and 'top of page' banner!

Weight may be adjusted from 0 credits per clickthrough up to 50 credits per clickthrough via the modification form. Setting the Weight to "0" and the Logo switch to "Off" temporarily suspends the site's priority status and halts the deduction of credits. Priority listings start off, by default, with a weighting of 1.

Logo switch may be turned On or Off via the modification form. All you need to do is enter the URL of where your logo image resides (gif or jpg), along with the width and height in pixels. We ask that you keep the actual image on your server, so you can more easily change and update it.

Logo Size is calculated automatically (when you enter the width and height) according to the pixel area.
The Logo Size is incremented by 1 for every 6,000 pixels or part thereof. Examples are given in the following table: -

Logo Size Area
(width x height)
Credits Used
 Per Clickthrough
Example of Maximum Size
1 Up to 6,000 1

Size 1

2 6,001 - 12,000 2

Size 2

3 12,001 - 18,000 3

Size 3

4 18,001 - 24,000 4

Size 4

5 24,001 - 30,000 5

Size 5

If the Logo switched is turned Off, then the Logo Size is automatically calculated as 0 (zero).

All priority listings have a golden star alongside the title, carry a top listed label and retain their priority status until either the credits run out or the Weight and Logo Size are adjusted to 0. The remaining credits (if any) are preserved until priority status is reactivated by the site owner increasing the Weight or Logo Size to 1 or more. Details on a site’s Weight, Logo Size and Credits remaining are shown in the site’s directory listing.

Priority Status is a real bargain for sites that get little traffic, because they can get prime exposure for 10 US dollars per 1,000 hits. A site that gets 160 hits per month via Top Listed Sites will be able to enjoy priority status for more than 6 months - all for 10 US dollars. A site in an obscure category that is only getting 40 hits per month via Top Listed Sites will be able to enjoy priority status for more than 2 years. It's ideal for those who want to attract attention and get extra visitors for a predetermined total price.

How To Order: You need to login first, after which you will be able to buy credits via this page.
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